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August 2016 Mission Trip Report

By August 21, 2016August 21st, 2017No Comments

After so much unfinished work with the March 2016 trip, Brenda Hudson, Arlo and Herman Mellish, Hovik Torrosian and Michelle Millar returned to Uganda in August.   Arlo, Herman and Hovik focused on cleaning and improvement of the grounds at the primary school where many of our orphanage children attend school.  They removed 10 truckloads of brush and debris, built picnic tables, installed fans, clothes lines and repaired many areas on the school campus and orphanage home that were safety issues.

Brenda and Michelle focused on teaching and spending time with our children.  We spent time with all the children teaching about puberty and with the older children talking about sex education.  These subjects are not taught in school and having no parents, these children were in need of this discussion.  Many of the adults asked to join in and lots of great questions were asked.  We also treated all 1000 students at the primary school for parasites which is a common in Uganda.  Gift bags, letters and photos from sponsors in our pen pal program were delivered and essentials like water bottles and toothbrushes for our new children that we had accepted at our prior visit. We spent time teaching about cleanliness and the importance of sanitation to decrease illness.  We purchased cleaning supplies for the bathrooms and instructed on how to clean.  Simple things but foreign to most yet so incredibly important.  Michelle was able to take a side excursion and go chimpanzee trekking

Michelle handing out some shoes to a women in need