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August 2017 School Break

By August 14, 2017April 23rd, 2021No Comments

School is currenty on break until September 18. We have a record number of students in Ntandi who have chose to remain on campus for the break. We have 15 primary students remaining and 18 secondary students. Most of these students have chosen to stay because of the recent famine in the area. Families are having a very hard time feeding their families because of the lack of rains the past few months and the failure of many crops. This is only the third break where we have allowed the children not to return to their guardian’s homes so we are in the midst of trying to get the program established with rules and guidelines for the hired staff and the children. Past weeks have consists of frequent correspondences between the leaders and our team. Funds have been sent and budgets created to ensure the kids are being fed. We are requiring that the children work around the home in return for the room and board during the break. Several of our children do have phones so we have been able to keep in touch with them during this break.