Our Current Projects

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Food Supplementation Program

Our children living in Ntandi receive only three foods every day. In the morning, they are provided porridge in a cup, lunch is posho and beans and dinner is the same. These are the staple foods in Uganda and what majority people living in the village communities eat. While we have always ensured that our children are provided enough calories, they do not get all the essential nutrients from these foods. The picture shows the school lunch of posho and beans. In June 2017, we began a food supplementation so all of our children in Ntandi are provided an egg and a fruit or vegetable on the weekends and fish once a month. Second photo shows one of our weekend supplementations; the kids are absolutely thrilled and so thankful!

The cost of this program is approximately $20-$25 per week.

Please help us to continue to offer this program.

Investment Year/Vocational School

Once our children complete secondary school, we relocate them to our vocational home in Fort Portal. This home opened in 2016 in the beautiful town of Fort Portal and is a big step up in living conditions from the primitive village life of Ntandi, where they have been raised. The investment year is a one year opportunity for the children to choose 3 occupations that they are interested in. They spend 3-4 months job shadowing in each of these areas to help them determine what they would like go to vocational school for. Some examples are teaching, medical work, driving school, mechanics, hair dressing, electrical, plumbing and accounting. If a child has excelled in school and really wants to attend a university and funds are available, it will be decided on an individual basis. The investment year involves fees that we pay to the businesses/individuals to accept them for shadowing positions. Typically these fees are minimal.

Our Vocational programs costs approximately $200-$400 per term with 3 terms in a year.  We need your continued support to be able to offer all of our children further education.

Shown are two of our vocational students, Joseph B., who is currently in training to become a mechanic and John who has just been accepted to nursing school! You can make a general donation to this area or even contact us to sponsor a specific child. If you choose, you can be put in contact with this student to form a relationship with them while supporting them to reach their dream.

Wellness Club

Our Wellness Club was established in 2016. The emphasis on the club is to educate and promote healthy living. The cost of this program includes purchasing of soap, vitamins, repairs and maintenance to the water stations along with a monthly stipend to our wellness club president who oversees the program.

When initially establishing this club, we installed 12 hand-washing stations at the primary and secondary schools in Ntandi. All 1,000 children have been educated regarding hand-washing and are provided soap and running water to wash their hands. Prior to our club, students had no idea of the importance of hand-washing and had no access to wash their hands. Most children had the idea that if hands don’t appear dirty, they aren’t. It has been reported since education and providing the stations that the rate of children missing school due to illness has decreased.

We have ensured that our children are not lacking calories but with only three foods per day, they are lacking nutrients. So we have began a vitamin program. Children 12 and below are given one chewable vitamin each day. Children 13 and above are given their own supply of vitamins every 90 days. We would love to have your donations to continue to keep this very important program going.

Shown are the children who were elected leaders in the Wellness Club, they meet once a month to discuss improving health and wellness. They encourage hand-washing and taking vitamins among their peers.

Also, a video of one of our children using one of the 12 hand-washing station that we have supplied. Improvements have been made to the stations since this post. Most all of our stations are now fully plumbed with a drainage platform.

Microloan Program

In 2019, we saw a tremendous need for people needing capital but no way to obtain it. We started our microloan program and to date we have provided 14 loans to Ugandans in need. These loans have provided medical care, construction of homes, business ventures and educational expenses.