Take a Mission Trip

Ready for a new perspective on life? Join us for a life-changing experience in Uganda.

A mission trip to Uganda is truly a life-changing experience! We fully immerse ourselves in their culture so you will see extreme poverty, living conditions that are unfathomable and will likely feel overwhelmed with the tremendous need everywhere.

Sometimes you will have access to western-style toilets but sometimes you will use a latrine or even a hole in the ground. It is hot and humid in the area we work but fortunately where we spend the night, it cools off nicely. You will use a mosquito net to sleep under, feel off schedule from the 11 hour time difference and will need to take medication to prevent malaria. The food is different from our diet but we do have access to quality food at our comfortable hotel. Encountering severe injuries and illnesses and meeting people in desperate situations who hope that you can help are normal days. You will smell some not so pleasant smells but also be welcomed with opened arms by loving people and make some life long relationships. Culture shock will be in full force but we guarantee that you will leave part of your heart in a country eleven time zones away and return home baffled by what you witnessed. Our hope is that you will understand that you made a difference in the lives of some very underprivileged people and have a new perspective on your own life. The trip is a true life changer!

The total cost of your trip is between $2,500-$3,000 depending on flight prices. The cost includes your hotels, your share of the ground transportation, and entrance fees to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a safari boat cruise or Chimpanzee Trekking in the Kibale Forest…both absolutely amazing experiences to top off your hard and fulfilling work. Many years,we have provided opportunities to travel to travel to neighboring countries or even have long layovers to explore the Middle East.

Not included in the price are some meals, personal souvenirs and things you may feel compelled to pay for to help someone out. It is essential that you visit a travel clinic within a couple months of your visit to create a plan for immunizations and disease prevention. Costs can be up to a several hundred dollars for vaccines depending on insurance coverage.  Parents who wish to take children should be fully aware of the conditions they will be exposed to.

We are limiting the number of participants to 10. You may reserve your place with a nonrefundable deposit of $300. If you follow through with your plans, the deposit will come off of your total. If your plans change, the $300 will become a donation to Project Hope Uganda and directly benefit our orphan children.

We understand that this is a big commitment with your time and finances but we also feel strongly that it is worth the sacrifices. We do recommend that you talk with someone who has been to Uganda who can help you decide whether you can be adaptable to all we encounter. All of our team members are very passionate about Uganda and happy to speak with you. We can also recommend speaking with someone that had some difficulties adjusting. We can say without a doubt that every person that has taken the trip has had a life changing experience. If you have questions, would like more information, or you’re ready to sign up, you can use the contact us page to get in touch by email, talk or text.

Some of our goals for our next mission: spend time mentoring and connecting with all of our leaders and children, work in the Bundibugyo area to help educate around sex education, disease prevention and family planning, take our primary children on a shopping trip and to have a special meal, something we do every year and is so much fun. Always at the top of our list is educate, educate, educate! We will forever be committed to teaching. Health and hygiene are always extremely important and need to be revisited on a annual basis. We would also love you to teach about your area of expertise. Some ideas that would be great are cooking, building, gardening, sewing, self care, sports, music, dance, handyman work, faith related subjects and any topic on how to succeed in life. If you have a passion, we would love you to come along and share it with our Ugandan family!

We look forward to hearing from you.  Our January 2022 was a huge success and we are currently planning for 2023.  Please us know if you have any questions.